Pathways to Independence (P2i) works with Somerset County Council, five District Councils and two major Housing Providers in Somerset in order to provide a range of services, all under one roof in our P2i Hubs. Our goal is to enable young people to live independently from our services but to be here while they need a hand. We don’t want to see our young people on the streets, or sofa surfing, or living in an unsafe home, tell us what you want from your future, whether it is your own place, a regular job or even just help with budgeting, and we can go with you as you take steps to achieve both long and short term goals. We aim to not only provide them with a safe place to stay in the short term if needed, but allow them to plan and achieve their own personal goals for their futures.

If you are aged between 16-25 (inclusive) and are in need of housing advice, or in a housing crisis, drop into one of our Hubs to access Housing Advice, Information, help with Accommodation and much more, from professionals including, the District Council Housing Options Teams, County Council Leaving Care Workers and targeted youth support intervention workers. For more information please visit our About Pages. Or to find out what services we provide please click here.

Our website also contains information about ways you can help young people, for example being part of our Emergency Host Accommodation scheme, have a look at how you can easily change a young persons future.