Emergency Host Family Accommodation

P2i provides Emergency Host Family Accommodation for 16 to 25 year old young people in the homes of approved volunteers.

Emergency Host Family Accommodation (also known as Nightstop) offers emergency host family accommodation, to single young people who find themselves homeless. A young person will be given safe accommodation for a short term period in the home of an approved host volunteer who will provide a room for the night, a meal and access to wash facilities. Staff will support the young person in exploring their housing options and finding longer term accommodation or provide mediation to support a return home. Should the young person still be in need of emergency accommodation then it would be normal for them to stay with another volunteer from the same service. We reimburse the Host volunteer £15 for each night that they host a young person.

Emergency Host Family Accommodation (EHFA) volunteers are ordinary people who are willing to open the door of their home to help young people in need, or who offer their time to help local emergency accommodation services in other ways. All volunteers have to undertake specific training before commencing their volunteering role with a local EHFA provider.

A family home environment is often the best place for young people without accommodation and so host family accommodation will often be the first option your p2i worker will look into and offer it it is available and appropriate. 

Some of our hubs have developed their support to young people to offer such services as: tenancy support, mediation, preventative education work, housing advice, Crashpad and supported lodgings.

Please contact your local hub to find out what services are available at your selected location.

Become a Host

To be able to offer this invaluable service to young people we need hosts. If you have a spare room that you can offer to a young person for a night or two, and think you might be interested in becoming an Emergency Accommodation Host please find out more about hosting here or use the information in our Hubs section to contact us for an information pack or informal chat. We provide you with all the training you need and hosts are reimbursed £15 per night.

You won’t be out of pocket and you will have helped a young person by giving them a break from their current situations and space to plan for a more positive future.

The most common reason for young people using this service is family breakdown, in these cases a stay with you gives us some time to arrange mediation between family members, or where a young person cannot return home, for example if it is unsafe, we arrange an alternative, more permanent place to stay. From there we can help them to plan for their own independent futures. It’s worth it, have a look and hear what other hosts are saying.

Have a look at stories from both Hosts, and Young People using the P2i service

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