Become a Host

It’s a way of helping close to home. I think it’s easy to forget that people in our own communities can need a bit of a lift from time to time. From my experience it is such a small small thing, and such minimal effort on my part, for such a huge benefit for them. They’re always nice and appreciative it’s good to have them about. I think it just gives them a bit of space to take stock and plan their next step, and to think about what they might want out of their futures.

An Emergency Family Accommodation Host, sometimes referred to as a Nightstop Host*, is a person who is able to offer a safe, supportive environment in their home on a temporary basis for a night, providing the young person with sole use of a bedroom, wash facilities, an evening meal and breakfast. We will consult with you and take your needs into account when placing a young person in your home. We will ask you your availability each month for the nights you are able to host, though there is no obligation.

Hosts are volunteers and are able to receive payment for the expenses incurred, which can be up to £15 per night. We give hosts an information pack, training and induction which supports them in preparing for a young persons stay and we offer out of hours support for our hosts.

Young People become homeless for a variety of reasons and we want to be able to offer them a safe, supportive place to stay on the day they become homeless. One of the most common circumstances that causes a young person to need this temporary service is family breakdown, in these cases a stay with you gives us some time to arrange mediation between family members, or where a young person cannot return home, for example if it is unsafe, we arrange an alternative, more permanent place to stay. From there we can help them to plan for their own independent futures. Trust us it’s worth it, have a look and hear what other hosts are saying.

So, if you have a spare room that you can offer to a young person for a night or two, and think you might be interested in becoming an Emergency Accommodation Host please use the information in our Hubs section to contact us for an information pack or informal chat.

*Emergency Host Family Accommodation and Nightstop are one and the same but may be referred to under either of these titles depending on which hub you visit. Just to confuse you, sorry about that.