Somerset County Council and the four District Councils in Somerset work in partnership with two housing and support providers (YMCA Brunel Group and YMCA Dulverton Group) to deliver the Pathways to Independence (P2I) housing and support service to young people aged 16 to 25.

The goal of the P2I service is to enable young people, as far as is possible and as quickly as is practical for them, to live independently but to be there, alongside them, whilst they need a helping hand. None of the P2I partners want to see young people on the streets, sofa surfing or living in an unsuitable or unsafe home.

We encourage young people to tell us what they want for their futures, whether it is to secure their own permanent accommodation, to complete their education, to find a regular and fulfilling job or to develop their independent living skills such as budgeting, shopping, cooking etc. When we know what their ambitions are, we can travel alongside them as they take the steps necessary to achieve their long- and short-term goals. In summary, we aim to not only provide young people with a safe place to stay in the short term (where that is needed) but also to allow them to plan and achieve their own personal goals for their futures.

Young people aged 16 to 25, either in a housing crisis or in need of housing advice, can contact their local District Council to begin that conversation. If a Social Worker or Leaving Care Worker is already involved, it is generally best to contact them first as they will already know some of the circumstances and can make sure support and guidance is provided quickly.

If you have any queries about the P2I service, please contact Somerset County Council’s 16 Plus Housing and Partnership Co-ordinator, John Shipley, on jshipley@somerset.gov.uk

If, however, you are aged 16-25 and need advice or support around housing, you should contact your local District Council – their contact details can be found here


As a result of Coronavirus, Somerset County Council and District Council staff may, from time to time and depending on central government guidance, be asked to work from home. This may result in the closure of all or some offices but people who need housing advice or homelessness support will still be able to access services remotely via the relevant District Council.

If you need some advice or support with housing, you should contact your local housing department by visiting their websites or calling them (see Who to Contact) for more information. You should do this before visiting them in person in case those offices are closed.

Office closures may have an impact on a Council’s ability to deliver some services, so we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.