Our Stories

Welcome to Our Stories pages. Here you will find stories from young people who have been helped by P2i and how they got on and how they are doing now. You can also find stories from some of our Emergency Host Accommodation volunteers. Click here to see all our latest news too!

Filling Empty Nests (Emergency Host Family Accommodation Volunteer)

With their grown up family only coming back for holidays, Ian and Sarah Beach moved to Somerset to downsize, and somehow ended up in a 6 bed house! With more rooms that they knew what to do with, they decided to put the rooms to good use. READ MORE

Every Little Helps (Emergency Host Family Accommodation Volunteer)

“Well it turned out that our chaotic household with a menagerie of animals was the perfect place to host our first young person. Both sides being very apprehensive, within minutes the dogs broke the ice as they welcome our new guest through the door.” READ MORE

Sailing to Success (P2i User)

Since engaging with P2i Callan has reached goals in his private life including re-connection with his young sons and is now on a moving on plan into his own flat with minimal support. READ MORE

How I became Homeless (Ben, 18, previously hosted by Emergency Host Family Accommodation)

It got too much to stay at home due to family breakdown with lots of arguments and I had to leave. I found myself homeless and living in a tent for two weeks. I was studying at Bridgwater College and the Student Support, who took me to Routes where Housing Advice Team YMCA are. READ MORE

Bridgwater campaigner impresses the Prince of Wales and three party leaders at the Palace (P2i User)

Lorna was offered a place at the YMCA in 2013. She was encouraged by YMCA and P2i staff to engage with a charity called Fixers and was supported throughout this process. She completed her project with Fixers with fantastic results, read her story here. READ MORE

My Time on Nightstop, Becky (Becky, previously hosted by Emergency Host Family Accommodation referred to here as Nightstop)

I got into Nightstop when my mum threw me out. I’m 18 and suffer with mental health problems. I became too much for my mum to handle and we both knew that things couldn’t carry on the way they were going. READ MORE