P2i Services

P2I provides a range of solutions and other services aimed at meeting your current needs. Whether you are facing the possibility of homelessness or are currently homeless. These services are in place to you give you a hand in the short term and also to enable you to plan long term for the future and work towards a future that you want to achieve, with a goal of one day living independently of our services when you are ready.

The services we offer include:

Specialist information and advice at the Hubs

Our P2i hubs are based on a one-stop shop model with access to District Council Housing Options Teams, County Council Leaving Care Workers, Targeted Youth Support Intervention worker and experienced and knowledgeable provider staff. A P2I Hub operates in each District serving as the main access point to these P2i services and will provide advice and information on range of issues and provide assessment, co-ordination and support to all those who need it.

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Homelessness Awareness and Targeted Prevention work with local schools and colleges

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Accommodation sustainment support

Accommodation sustainment support is aimed at enabling you to keep your current accommodation and avoid homelessness. The Support is attached to where you live and can be provided in all accommodation types including your family home, independent accommodation or supported accommodation. If you move, the support can follow you. During this time, you will be helped to achieve agreed goals to live more independently. Once those goals have been achieved, it is expected that the support will end.

Mediation and reconciliation services

P2i Mediation services are aimed at enabling young people to stay in the family home and/or to improve family relationships. P2i Family Mediation is available to help sort out problems and disagreements between you and your family that could prevent you from becoming homeless or to help return back to the family home,if this is a safe option. 

Short-stay emergency accommodation

We have a number of different supported housing projects that can help you. We are able to provide this accommodation due to the success of our partnership, which includeSomerset’s most influential housing providers. Find out more about our Partners

We can also provide Emergency Host Family Accommodation. This is for those young people with an urgent accommodation need. Host families are volunteer families who have been approved and trained by us. With a host family you will be provided with a room of your own, an evening meal and access to wash facilities.

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Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation may be suitable for those young people who need both accommodation and support. P2i Supported Accommodation can be provided according to your need. During this time, you will be helped to achieve agreed goals to enable you to live more independently. Once those goals have been achieved, it is expected that you will move on to new accommodation.

Move-on accommodation

Move-on accommodation may be suitable for those young people who are ready to move on from supported housing or those who, from the outset, require accommodation with a lower level of support

Resettlement support

Resettlement support is for those who move on to independent living but need some support to help through that transition. This help can include a whole range of things that you may need. Including things like budgeting advice, how to communicate with landlords etc.

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