My Time on Nightstop by Becky

I got into nightstop when my mum threw me out. I’m 18 and suffer with mental health problems. I became too much for my mum to handle and we both knew that things couldn’t carry on the way they were going.

She eventually threw me out in March. I sofa surfed for a couple of weeks then a friend said to me “Try the YMCA.”So I gave them a ring and Liz and Brittney put me on nightstop within 3 days.

All of the hosts were lovely. They were all very welcoming, made me feel at home and were all very easy to talk to.

Gerald and Sandy were my favourite hosts. I remember they cooked me bacon and eggs every morning. My favourite!

At the time of going on nightstop I had a bad relationship with tablets due to my previous history. It was them that got me back on my medication. I am so grateful to them. I am so much better because they helped me so much.

I have a lot of respect for all of the hosts!

During nightstop I had my interview to move into YMCA. I was accepted, I moved into Thorncombe House a week after I went on nightstop.

I now have a stable home for 2 years. I’m still on my medication, I’ getting help for all my problems. I’m going back to college in September for 2 years. I’m in a stable relationship. YMCA staff are so helpful. They’ve all helped me so much. I have nothing but praise for YMCA staff. Things are finally looking up for me.

Trust me YMCA staff and nightstop are good people!

If you ever get to the stage that I did in your life, get in touch with YMCA. They will help you.